EXACT towing devices are motorized auxiliary machines that can be mounted directly on film production machines in a stand-alone function or directly onto the granulator.
The basic function is the same; thanks to the presence of pull rollers any type of film or edge trim is towed and pushed, but the technical characteristics and functions differ depending on the tow model and/or use.
Over the years EXACT has designed and developed ad hoc towing devices to meet the most diverse needs of customers.


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COLUMN SCROLLING TOW: This type of stand-alone towing (infeed) device does not need a speed setting, because it automatically adapts its tow speed to that of the entry trim, guaranteeing a smooth and linear sliding process.

TOW MOUNTED ON PRODUCTION SYSTEM: This towing system is positioned directly on the film-making equipment. These small tows ensure the continuous extraction of the edge trimmings, moving them towards a desired direction. Their presence avoids the unpleasant and dangerous scenario of a back-up of the trimming in the production plant with consequent damage to the plant and to the film being produced.

INFEED DEVICES FOR GRANULATORS: This style tow is mounted on the granulator. The tuging of the edge trim prevents the trim from backing up on the film production side, even in case of involuntary stoppage of the granulator. It also allows the management of the tension (pull/stretch) on the trimings. This stretch ratio is determined by the difference between the speed set for the towing device and the working speed of the granulator. The different speeds of trim recovery, are controlled by the settings of the infeed device and the pressure bushes of the granulator, which together create the necessary stretching of the edge trim (depending on the material being recovered), to obtain a perfect granule that is easy to reintroduce into the extrusion process. The tow device can be combined with the dancer, making the speed and tension adjustment of any trim being recovered, even more practical and easy.

IRREVERSIBLE TRIO: There are certain materials that require a very high (ironing) stretch ratio in order to be recovered to perfection.
To increase the stretching ability of EXACT granulators equipped with infeed tow devices or PVMs, EXACT has designed and developed the “TRIO” infeed system. This is a stand-alone towing unit with 3 larger rollers capable of strongly (ironing) stretching the material without damaging or ripping it.

Tear Tow Device: These infeed (tow) systems are equipped with different sliding bushes and are capable of providing much greater compression or tearing of the material.