A swinging arm able to cushion overhangs in the edge trim tension due to accidental blows or tears.
Mounted on the granulator, this accessory is able to self-regulate the working speed of the granulator as the input speed of the edge trim varies. Thanks to its function as a micro-regulator, the dancer is the perfect completion of the External Synchronism, equipped on all EXACT machines.

To ensure an excellent pellet, the edge trim must enter the granulator at a constant speed ensuring that the ratio between the speed of the cutter wheel and the trim feeder is fixed.
However, if the edge trim suffers a blow orĀ  tear on its way to the granulator, this constant feeding speed may be compromised.


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To overcome this, EXACT granulators can be equipped with a Dancer, a swinging arm that cushions these occasional variations in speed and tension.

Mounted on the granulator, the dancer compensates for these micro oscillations in two ways:
Mechanically: its pulleys and oscillations dampen the overhang in the trimming tension
Electronically: the Dancer reads the voltage and speed overhang of the edge trim and then increases or decreases the speed of the cutter wheel independently, to maintain the fixed ratio between the speed of the cutter wheel and the input speed of the edge trim

EXACT Dancers are able to ensure a high quality finished product even in the event of accidental voltage and/or trim speed variations.

To make it easier to manage the edge trim and prevent it from returning to the production system in the event of an involuntary stop, the Dancer can be combined with the In-feed Device for added assurances.