The granules produced by EXACT granulators can be re-introduced into the extrusion process or brought into storage via two main transport systems:

APF System, consisting of a standard transport fan in direct contact with the EXACT chip. The advantage of this system is the minimal space required as the fan can be positioned inside the machine.

Venturi System, consisting of an external fan onto the granulator. With this solution, the EXACT chip does not come into contact with the fan blades. As such, it is the optimal solution for transporting granules obtained from the extrusion process as well as EXACT chips, which could reopen despite compression by the compression bushes (for cold system).

The granules can be transported via two main transport systems each with differing amounts of power, starting from 0.55Kw and up to 5.5Kw. Both flexible or rigid (in galvanized steel) transport tubing is available from 70mm to 160mm in diameter.  EXACT also supplies path diverters, allowing the units to operate either In-Line or Off-Line. Discharge Cyclones for the separation of the granules from the air, are also available. In the event you need to stock the granules, we also supply Big Bag support and emptying systems.

To meet the demands of those with minimal operating space, EXACT has also designed and developed a “Cooling Snail” specifically intended for use in combination with our hot recovery systems. Despite its compact shape, it is able to replicate 10m of linear cooling pipe, guaranteeing the delivery of a cooled pellet not subject to clumping.

Multiple systems and countless combinations to give you maximum freedom in adapting our solutions to your work ecosystem.
Whatever your needs, EXACT has all the answers. Together with us, you are guaranteed the optimal transport and re-feeding devices, coupled with the advice and analysis of EXACT technicians for maximum efficiency.