EXACT Microperforators are used for the micropiercing of thermoplastic films and/or paper, rendering them breathable.
Extremely versatile, these machines can be applied on extrusion lines, printing machines, welders and rewinders.
The final product application varies from food product packaging, (for fruits, vegetables), floriculture packaging or technical products, such as filtering materials.


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Each application is diversified according to the type and number of punctures required. The option to customize all these aspects is available.

You can decide the:
Arrangement and pattern design of the needles
Density of perforation
Diameter of the perforating needles
Length of perforating shaft and countershaft

The shafts, which are not motorized, allow themselves to be dragged by the motion of the film passing through them, accomodating the film line speed.
The countershaft, made of animal hair, is pneumatically regulated to better adapt to different film thicknesses to be drilled.
The penetration of the needles and the diameter of the hole into the material, can be micro-regulated by two handwheels that directly operate the position of the rollers.


To accomodate frequent and rapid changes in perforation speed or pattern, EXACT produces two models of microperforators:

Single Roller Microperforator: The needles are fixed on 100mm wide bronze sleeves. To obtain a different microperforation it is necessary to stop the machine and replace the bronze sleeves with different perforation patterns.

Multiple Shaft Microperforator: Is made up of three needle rollers with 100mm sleeves, arranged on a rotating drum. This unit offers complete customization and instant puncture variations by simply turning the roller drum, minimizing machine downtime. Operator contact with the needle rollers is not required, thus eliminating the risks of user injury.

As with all our machines, EXACT Micro-perforators are designed and built according to your needs, in order to ensure the desired result required.

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