PVM, an acronym for Vertical Motorized Preheater, is the perfect solution for the treatment of particular plastic materials.
This accessory is composed of a Dancer, three motorized driving rollers to stretch the plastic film and a series of electric heating resistors for the surface heating treatment of the edge trim to be recovered.
The adjustable temperature of the resistances ensures that the treated film reaches the temperature necessary for recovery without altering its technical characteristics.

The use of the PVM allows you to:
– Increase the density of the granule to facilitate mixing with the virgin material
– Achieve a good specific weight of monorientate, bi-oriented, treated or high-slip films
– Recover Iron cast or thick film to obtain pellet sizes as desired
– Reduce the pellet size
– Remove moisture from hygroscopic films
– Remove dust due to the cutting of rigid films
– Eliminate the surface lint of the non-woven fabric
– Crystallize PET film
– Soften the material to reduce the work load of the mechanical parts

Thanks to the PVM, the range of EXACT granulators is expanded, guaranteeing excellent results with complicated materials.