In order to obtain a perfect granulate it is essential to cut the material to be recovered in the best possible way.
The extreme attention EXACT devotes to the making of its cutting unit components is demonstrated by the very high quality of its Cutters Wheels and Counter-Cutter Blades.
All EXACT cutting units are entirely internally producted starting from the raw material and the use of precious materials , such as WIDIA plates. All this to guarantee not only a long life dof the components but also, a perfect cut.

EXACT Granulators can be equipped with:
Cutter Wheels with a different number of blades (18 / 24 / 30 / 36) ) to obtain granules of different lengths for easier re-introduction of the granules into the production extruder.
“Long-life” Counter-Cutter blade”: a specially treated counter-cutter blade for handling trims with very high Metallocene (mLLDPE) or Calcium Carbonate contents. This treatment toughens the blade making it capable of cancelling the abrasive effects of such films and guaranteeing its long life even with the most weary materials.

To determine which combination of cutters best fits the material you need to process, contact us for a free consultation.