EXACT for COLINES – the edge trims of POLYBLOWN are managed by TRIM-EX
15 12月 2021

During the launch event of POLYBLOWN, the new COLINES seven-layer that marks the Piedmontese company’s entry into the world of blown extrusion, EXACT provided a special version of its E60 Hot System Granulator, renamed for the purpose TRIM-EX.

Through this link it is possible to watch a video of TRIM-EX at work during the event.

This special granulator model, branded COLINES and customized to work in perfect harmony with POLYBLOWN, guaranteed the recovery of all the trimmings produced by the line during the three days of Open House held in Marano Ticino on 23-25 ​​November 2021.

Every day POLYBLOWN has produced different materials, demonstrating “flexibility” as promised by the claim “On top of flexibility” that accompanied the launch of this line; TRIM-EX has been able to do the same, recovering all the scraps produced, easily transforming them into granules ready to be reintroduced into the extrusion process. Thanks to TRIM-EX it was therefore possible to ensure an in-line and closed-cycle recovery of the POLYBLOWN trims.

The result is simple: automated management of production waste and zeroing of waste by 100%. A great success for everyone.

It is not the first time that COLINES has relied on EXACT for its recovery needs -the first regranulator was supplied to them in 1983- and this event, therefore, seems to be nothing more than the relaunch of a splendid all-tricolor partnership between two historians brands of the global plastics industry.