A new logo to celebrate the history of EXACT
17 4月 2019

Restyling of a logo is not a simple thing, but at 45, a small facelift was necessary.
We therefore decided to dress in a new graphic and pay tribute to our historic brand with a little tweaking, to make it more current without betraying its great tradition: pure EXACT spirit.
As our tailor, the creative minds of the WNDR (www.wndr.it) communication agency were able to piece together a new graphic look of us, delicate but decisive, modern but sober. A clever job, the result of strategic preparation and admirable execution.
Not just images.
Even the wording under the logo, or “payoff”, as he likes to call it for those in the marketing world, is all new: PLASTIC APTITUDE.

Two words that contain the meaning of an adventure that began 45 years ago; few letters to confirm our natural inclination towards our innate ability to operate and propose solutions for the entire plastic industry.
Not only Granulator machines, the flagship of EXACT, but also Microperforators, Circular Fiber Cutters, Transport Systems, reinforcement fibers, grits … An entire catalog appreciated by customers nationwide, which we are proud to represent with our very own EXACT brand.
EXACT is simply: a world of solutions for the plastic industry, the result of almost half a century of consolidated experience in the market.