Microforatore ad aghi conici

EXACT Cold System Needle Microperforators are suitable for the micropiercing of thermoplastic films and/or paper, rendering them breathable.  EXACT manufactures both Single and Multi Needle Roller Microperforators.

They are easily applicable to film extrusion lines, printing machines, bag making machines and rewinders.

EXACT Microperforators offer various perforation densities, sizing and patterns.  Various needle diameters are also available.

Tapered needles are fixed onto numerous bronze sleeves each measuring 100mm in width. 

Simple substitution of the bronze sleeves enables various perforation diameters and densities, allowing different perforation patterns.


 When frequent and rapid changes in perforation is required, the EXACT Microperforator a Tamburo is equiped with a revolving cylinder encompassing multi needle rollers.  Each needle roller comprises different needle patterns and rotates as required.The remote controlled rotation system regulates working time speeds.

The revolving upper counter-roller is brushlike and made of horsehair.  Its purpose is to consistently feed the film through the machine while providing the necessary tension as the material is microperforated.This counter-roller is electropneumatically controlled.

The penetration of the needles into the material is regulated by a mechanism which allows slight variations in the diameter of the hole piercings.

This unit is simple and safe to operate eliminating user accident risks, since operator contact with the revolving needle rollers is not required.

EXACT Microperforators are being utilized in an increasing number of applications from food and flower packaging, to the packaging of technical products.

EXACT Microperforators can be customized based on individual client needs and/or requests.