Strong Fiber ®

Synthetic, high tenacity, repellent FIBER
to use as a reinforcement in the production of Concrete, Mortars and Grunites.

Strongly REDUCES cracks due to action of pressure and tension in borth prefabricated artifacts that cast on site.

the resistance to bending, impact and abrasion.
INCREASES the mechanical strength.

it is used in cement-based or lime mixtures (normal and lightweight concrete, as restoration mortars and plaster) to improve the mechanical, physical, and/or aesthetic characteristics.

Unlike the metal mesh (understood as secondary reinforcement) which acts on a single dimension, strong fiber is a crosslinked fiber that when added to the dough during mixing, is distributed homogeneously and forms a multidirectional and capillary like reinforcement. 

The fiber structure constitutes a micro-reinforcement whcih intersects and contrast the fracture zones that occur especially in the setting and hardening process of conglomerates.

Produced in varius lengths from 3 mm for premixed mortars and plasters, to up to 100 mm in length.

Packagin available on request.