E-60 Extruder



The Exact Extruder model E-60 is the next generation in our product development expanding our Cold Compaction Granulators to include Extrusion Granulators. 

The new E-60 is suitable for both In-Line edge trim and Off-Line roll granulation applications for materials including mixtures of  LDPE , LLDPE, mLLDPE , HDPE , EVA and barrier film containing coPA and EVOH.


The infeed system is a driven Nip system eliminating the need for an edge trim venturi system reducing air consumption and plant noise levels.If required, AIR  technologies are available to achieve this task as well.The unit is able to handle clear, colour, and materials with additives.


Trasporto-E15The Exact Pellet produced by the E-60 system is air cooled by means of a built in transport and cooling system included as part of our supply providing a complete standalone product assembly ready to be placed into operation.  The homogenous Exact Pellet can be easily adjusted to match that of the raw material supply simply by adjusting the Die Cutter speed which is variable speed driven.

The screw design is one that was developed by Exact specifically for the purpose of edge trim applications and thus does not add excess heat history to the Exact Pellet. 

The screw allows for a gradual and appropriate melt temperature preventing product degradation through the heating cycle. 

Temperatures are closely monitored and controlled given the higher L/D ratio of the screw design. 

The screw itself is specifically designed to draw edge trim into the screw feed zone without issue.Taglio-E15

The Exact Pellet produced is suitable for immediate recycling back into the extrusion line minimizing storage and possible cross contamination of materials.

Exact being in operation since 1974 has built in high quality of standards in their new equipment similar to the Cold Compaction Granulators.  Most items are manufactured and assembled by Exact further improving the quality assurance on all products delivered. 

Only quality components are utilized in the build including Omron Drives and Touch screen, Siemens electrical components and motors.

For Off-Line applications, Exact is well equipped to provide the necessary components such as customized Unwind Stands, Pellet Transport Systems, and Big Bag equipment as may be required, all manufactured by Exact.


E60-15kW Pelletizer suitable for the production approx. 7 : 50 (75) kg / h , with line speeds of up to 200 meters per minute consisting of:

  • Towing drag consists of crushing rollers with high resistance acts to compact the trim and eliminate pulsations of the screw.
  • Follower speed of the line composed of a movable roller called dancer that compensates for the speed difference between the line and the towing drag up to a maximum delta of + or – 10 % whose task is to keep always in tension the trimmings from avvolgitore/winder.
  • Deficiency sensor trimming that stops the extrusion screw in case of breakage of the waste and restarts when the trim is reenergized.
  • Conveyor which ensures a homogeneous feeding of the screw.
  • Pulleys guide trims that allow the introduction of the trim from the top.
  • Screw extruder with low L / D ratio of 3 full thermoregulation zones , 2 of which are double- action (heating and cooling ).
  • Screw Extrusion nitrided high strength with innovative profile extrusion suitable for a wide range of materials.
  • Pressure transducer which controls the fluidity of the melt of the material and the correct working point of the screw.
  • Rupture disc positioned at the end of the extrusion screw that secures the chain possible overpressures that could damage.
  • Phases and cutting head equipped with two or four rotary blades.
  • System of transport and cooling of the granule formed from three phase fan , cooling spiral with spiral development of about 10 mt. Linear particularly cured to minimize friction, the deposit of the granule and the overall size.
  • Pipelines transport grain in galvanized steel and cyclone tangential inlet for air separation from the granule. All easily removable as fixed by quick release clamps.
  • Electrical panel on the machine is controlled by PLC Omron ® which allows independent adjustment of the speed of the tow , the RPM of the screw and the rotation speed of the blades .
  • The operator interface 7.5 ” color touch screen Omron ® has been designed to allow the operator a clear view of all the parameters in a single page and intuitive software that makes navigating even in additional pages. The control parameters are protected by two independent levels of passwords that interventions to prevent operators are not enabled .